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Why I chose Windsor Sixth Form

14th October 2022

This week we have been chatting to Windsor Sixth Form students about why they chose to study here after leaving secondary school. 

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Skye is in Year 12 and was a student here at Windsor from Years 7 to 11.  She chose to stay on for Sixth Form at Windsor because she really enjoyed her time here as a secondary school student.  

Philip, who is in Year 13, moved to the Halesowen area at the start of his Sixth Form journey and chose Windsor due to our good reputation.



Skye said:

Staying on at Windsor was the best option as I was already familiar with the school and the teachers.


Leah and Deborah, both in Year 13 and currently applying to university, attended different secondary schools.  Leah studied at Earls in Halesowen, and Deborah attended Bishop Challoner in Birmingham.

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Both students chose Windsor Sixth Form because of the family vibe they felt when they visited.  They both praised the support they receive from teachers and the excellent facilities that are available for students.


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Emma and Rebecca, again in Year 13, were both students at Windsor during their secondary school years. Emma decided that she wanted to stay on to study somewhere she was familiar with, so chose to stay on at Windsor Sixth Form. Rebecca liked her teachers at Windsor and also thought the facilities for Geography were excellent, which was one of the subjects she wanted to study at A Level. 

Rebecca said:

The Geography teachers and facilities here at Windsor at great.  I also get to go on field trips as part of my course, which was a real incentive for staying at Windsor.


If you are looking for a sixth form to continue your studies next year, please come along and visit us here at Windsor Sixth Form. Our open evening is Wednesday 19th October 2022 and you can register here.