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Trip to New York City!

20th February 2024

As a group of 32 students and 4 staff from Windsor Sixth Form and Aspire Sixth Form within Windsor Academy Trust, we embarked on a 6 day activity-packed trip which took us around the biggest sights of New York City. On foot and by subway, this trip took us all round the city; immersing us in American culture and leaving us feeling like true New-Yorkers!

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Whilst we were dazzled by the sights of the city from the heights of the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre; from the position of a boat we experienced the sights of the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge from a whole different angle. 

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The majority of the trip was led at a fairly fast pace, one which matched the bustling, busy nature of the city itself. However, we took time to pause and reflect at the 9/11 Memorial which gave us a harrowing insight into the very recent history of the city. 

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It was difficult not to be overwhelmed by the amount of photo opportunities the city presented! From the Plaza Hotel (as featured in Home Alone 2), to the Ghostbusters station, to the iconic steps outside of The Met- there was something for everyone to get excited about. 


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We had ample time to get a taste of history in the American Museum of Natural History and The MET gallery. But the evenings often gave us an opportunity to sample the wide range of American-style cuisine which the streets of New York had to offer as well as make the most of this unique shopping experience. 

20240211 120012Written by Skye (Year 13 Student at Windsor Sixth Form)