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Academic Empowerment Programme (AEP)

AEP - Paving Your Path to Success

We are excited to introduce to you the Windsor Academic Empowerment Programme (AEP). This initiative is not about defining success or failure but about recognising individual potential and offering a tailored, supportive path towards achieving academic aspirations. We understand that everyone's educational journey is unique, and sometimes, additional preparation and support can enhance our readiness for higher-level academic pursuits. That's exactly what AEP is here for. 

Whether you narrowly missed the GCSE entry criteria or experienced disruptions in your educational journey that affected your GCSE performance, AEP is here to provide that extra boost. It's a springboard, propelling you into Level 3 academic study with confidence and a strong foundation of knowledge. 

As a part of AEP, you'll focus on developing core skills in maths, English, and digital literacy while also exploring a diverse range of academic study topics. Furthermore, we ensure that your experience is enriched with personal development opportunities and robust pastoral support to help you not just academically, but personally. 

The AEP programme balances skills-based units with introductory units based around the Humanities and Social Sciences. Learning will be varied to help you develop a wide range of academic skills, combining written work, discussion, debate, case studies, role plays and visits.

How will it be delivered?

The programme is made up of a range of courses especially selected to give you the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to progress on to Level 3 courses. The programme is a one year course where you will have the opportunity to enhance your Level 2 qualification portfolio in preparation for progressing to Level 3 study. The programme is made up of the following qualifications 

  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Maths 
  • Humanities and Social Science - Ascentis Level 2 Certificate
  • Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) - AQA 

Assessment will take place through a combination of written work and skills-based tasks which are assessed by teachers, both in examined and non- examined conditions.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in work experience during Enrichment on a Wednesday afternoon and be part of a Sixth Form tutor group, 

What can I do next?

The aims of AEP at Windsor Sixth Form are to enable you to progress onto Level 3 study, such as A Levels or Applied Generals. You will develop skills and knowledge in the areas of Social Science and Humanities which are relevant for courses such as Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, History and Religious Studies, and also study skills for further study into a wider range of our Level 3 courses.

How do students apply for the AEP ?

You do not need to apply for AEP in most cases. Most students will join us in our traditional summer enrolment process and if they do not have entry requirements for Level 3 A Level or Vocational qualifications the Sixth Form team may recommend AEP as a good option.

However, if you are interested in the Programme and would like to ask any questions contact the Sixth Form team via email at

Remember, at Windsor, we believe in every student's potential to succeed. Together, let's unlock your full academic potential.