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history a level

History A Level

History A Level aims to introduce more 'stretch and challenge' into the study of history, allowing you to develop expertise in historical skills and acquire knowledge and understanding through the ability to study a wide range of topics in British and European history, across both the Early Modern and Modern periods.

You will be expected to demonstrate the ability to explain, assess and analyse key events and the relationships between different time periods, to recall, select and deploy appropriate knowledge and communicate clearly and effectively, to make judgments and form arguments of interpretations of the past and form their own investigations of the past. In some units they will focus on a short period of time in depth, in others, they will explore a particular theme over a much longer period of time, of at least 100 years of change.

Curriculum Intent

Our mission is to create historians who have an enquiring mind, read critically, are able to appreciate how history is constructed, and see history as an unfolding story which involves us all.

What you will study

You will study four units.

Unit 1 - British Period Studies 

Early Modern British History. You will study the Early Stuarts, the origins of the Civil War and Cromwell’s protectorate and the restoration of the monarchy. 

Unit 2 - Non-British Period Study 

Dictatorship and Democracy in Germany 1919-63. You will study the Weimar Republic, the creation of a Nazi dictatorship and Germany after World War Two.  

Unit 3 - Thematic Study and Historical Interpretations 

Civil Rights in the USA, looking at the struggle of the Native Americans, black Americans, women and labour unions to establish their rights. 

Unit 4 Topic Based Essay 

You will complete a 3,000 to 4,000 word essay on a topic of your choice within Russia 1900- 1924. 

Key Stage 5 History Curriculum Plan

How the course is assessed

You will be assessed at the end of the second year on all four units in the final examinations for the A Level qualification. The Exam board is OCR, H505.

  • Unit 1 - British Period Studies Early Modern British History: Examination is 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Unit 2 - Non British Period Study Dictatorship and Democracy in Germany 1919-63: Examination is 1 hour.
  • Unit 3 - Thematic Study and Historical Interpretations; Civil Rights in the USA: Examination is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Unit 4 - Topic Based Essay: You will complete a 3000–4000 word essay on a topic of your choice within Russian History 1900-1924. This is an internally assessed unit.

Entry requirements

  • Five subjects at grade 4 or above, including English and maths
  • Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and in GCSE History

Why study A Level History at Windsor Sixth Form?

  • Expert knowledge - The History department at Windsor Sixth Form offers knowledge, experience and specialisms in both modern and early modern history.
  • Dedicted teachers - The history department is passionate about the subject, offering additional sessions both within the school term and holidays as our staff are dedicated to ensuring all students achieve their potential.

Other courses that go well with A Level History

A Level History will support and expand your studies in many other subject areas. The course goes well with traditional academic subjects such as English and other social sciences subjects such as geography and religious studies.

Where do our students progress to after the course?

Our students go on to study at university, often choosing to continue with their studies in history at degree level.

Student success stories

  • In 2021, 40% of students studying History A-level went to University to continue studying history or history related degrees at universities including the University of Worcester, University of Birmingham and University of Exeter.
  • Two students are studying medicine or medicine related degrees, one achieving a grade A* chose to study medicine at the University of Birmingham.
  • Our other students have used their History A Level as a route to study psychology, geography or law at university.